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Mein fünftägiges Experiment mit CBD-Kaffee

Ich beschloss, eine Woche lang regelmäßig CBD-Kaffee zu konsumieren und alle meine Zustände aufzuzeichnen - von Schläfrigkeit, Wachsamkeit bis Angst ...

Studies have shown that CBD can offer several therapeutic benefits, including reducing anxiety, seizures, and minimizing inflammation. As someone who lives with fear, the anti-fear factor interests me most personally.

While one can use CBD in a variety of ways, from vaporization to gum, coffee is a unique way of consuming CBD.

Proponents such as Craig Leivent, PharmD, co-owner of Flower Power Coffee Co. (a maker of coffee and edible teas containing CBD) claim that the combination of CBD and coffee gives you the alertness of coffee, but without the nervousness.

However, the High Times, which covers everything to do with hemp, thinks the idea is ridiculous. Your logic makes sense: if CBD is known to cause drowsiness, how effective can it be when used with caffeine to keep you energized?

Bonni Goldstein, MD, a California doctor who specializes in cannabinoid therapy, is also sceptical. Especially when it comes to the correct dosage and temperature of the coffee.

"Those looking to use CBD for serious medical conditions like seizures or inflammation due to autoimmune diseases should not take CBD this way, as accurate dosing of CBD is extremely important for effectiveness in these types of diseases," says Goldstein.

Goldstein adds that a recent study of the stability of CBD in hemp tea found that temperature affects CBD levels, "which means that the milligrams of CBD someone needs for their condition when delivered in a hot drink won't is consistent, "erklärt.

So I decided to give it a try myself.

My experiment with CBD coffee

For this experiment, I used ground CBD coffee from Flower Power Coffee Co. I made this decision entirely for reasons of comfort. There are two nearby cafes in Brooklyn serving this brand.

However, there are a number of CBD coffee products that I wanted to try.

It's also important to note that as part of my daily activities, I strictly limit my coffee consumption to two or three medium cups per day and absolutely no coffee after 2:00 p.m.

Since the introduction of this strict time limit (I may have cheated on espresso a few times, but that doesn't count, does it?), I've slept well without sleeping pills despite living with anxiety.

DAY 1: From concentrating at work to an unplanned afternoon nap

It's my day off so I order a CBD latte with almond milk from Caffeine Underground in Brooklyn. The latte is delicious.

After a few minutes, I feel awake and focused.

It's just different from caffeine stimulation, but it's hard to mention the exact feel. I'm starting to search for email ...

I'm hungry so after about 15 minutes I order a piece of toast with jam-filled with CBD. I wish I hadn't ordered toast with jam and CBD, it was good, but two cans of CBD was too much.

After a while I went to bed for two hours, it was a great sleep, but I didn't plan it at all.

I'm not a normal afternoon sleeper and due to my fear, taking a nap the day before submitting the project is not good for me as I know I haven't finished my job yet.

Goldstein says that CBD affects everyone differently and that contrary to popular belief, CBD is, in fact, a low-dose stimulant. Hence, the combination of CBD and coffee might be excessive for some, which might explain why a cup didn't do much to me ... but for others, it can mean something completely different.

The first experience certainly didn't discourage me.

DAY 2: I feel alert yet calm

In front of the cosy Vittles Café in Brooklyn, there is a sign that says "Cannabis Lattes". I order an iced coffee with almond milk and speak to the cafe owner about the CBD and its possible health benefits for the body.

When I drink my CBD coffee, I tell her what happened yesterday and how I may have ingested too much. He suggests distributing the cans and waiting at least three hours between each coffee.

After drinking my latte, I feel great: super awake, but surprisingly calm.

I am comfortably calm, in full control of my mind, and my fear has remained calm.

Before I go, I'll buy a bag of Flower Power coffee ($ 15) to complete the experiment at home. I decided to go home 3km because I feel great. No nap today!

DAY 3: Is it a solution to have a second CBD coffee?

I'm a full-time freelancer but work as a weekend producer and editor for a large website. It's only about 16 hours a week, but it's hard work. I start early - 7 am on Saturday and Sunday - which means I get up early.

It's a challenging role in which I have to concentrate fully. These weekend shifts usually cost me three cups of coffee. I start the morning with a normal cup of coffee and get to work.

I decide coffee will be # 2 with CBD. I'm nervous about how this will affect my work, but I'll try anyway. At 9:30 am I make CBD coffee.


The instructions state that 5 milligrams of CBD must be dosed per cup.

I prefer my black coffee. Coffee is dark and rich, without a hint of CBD.

I plough through my shift and feel great. Maybe that's the key? A first classic coffee and a CBD? I feel even better than yesterday.

I am alert and without a headache. Caffeine can get my heart beating and shaking my hands at times, but today I feel calm. I don't feel any fear or more stress and the day goes by in a flash.

I look at the clock and it's 2:30 p.m. so today is only one day for two cups. It may be the first time in months that I haven't had three cups of coffee on the weekend shift.

After my shift, I'll take a 6-kilometre walk to Central Park in the summer heat. In the evenings I feel very sleepy, a lot more than usual. But I can't blame the sleepiness for CBD, I've had a busy day and I need to rest.

DAY 4: The fear took on different proportions

I slept well and woke up fresh. In the morning before nine in the morning, I drink two normal coffees. I also forgot to drink CBD coffee.

I make CBD coffee on my third cup, but it wasn't the best idea. I have a headache and it's only 10:30 in the morning. I only have four hours from the shift. I know my headaches may be due to lack of sleep, dehydration, and the 35-degree heatwave we've had all week, but it's a rough morning.

I will survive the shift, but I felt like I could put my head on the table and fall asleep at any moment. I'm afraid of all the typos I could have made, and my fear is in a coup. I feel pretty devastated.

I spend the rest of the afternoons and evenings watching TV and having a large glass of wine. I'll be back in bed soon.

Ich denke, three cups of coffee is too much, CBD or not.

DAY 5: Feeling weak during the softball

I decided to start my last day of the experiment with a regular cup of coffee, followed by CBD coffee. That seems like the best combination for me.

Today I feel good, almost like my body is used to CBD. I don't have a headache or feel sleepy. I'm going to start two interviews and two short freelance stories and go to my softball game.

I feel good at softball and score twice, but I feel a little slow.

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Overall, I enjoyed the experiment with CBD coffee and I am already wondering who to give as a gift. But I wouldn't trade that for regular coffee - definitely not for three cups a day.

I think when it comes to CBD it can take several tries to find the right dosage that suits you.

With so many new CBD products coming out, I will likely be able to try new forms of these products in the years to come. Maybe one of them will even help me with my fear.

ORIGINAL TEXT: https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/i-tried-it-cbd-coffee-anxiety#1

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